day of organizing

I spent today sorting and organizing my clothes and kids clothes. Every time I do this, I’m hit by the sheer volume of clothes. Arthur has outgrown two big plastic bins of clothes. I sorted another box that is like new or new, so I can gift them later. That really helped clean out the clutter in Arthur’s closet. Now I can fit in a rolling stacked bin tower for his books.

On to Nathan’s closet. I’ve been busy last year, so I didn’t buy him as much clothes as before. That’s a relief. He only has one box of summer clothes, shelves of winter clothes and one box of clothes that are still too big. The biggest problem is how to organize his pens/crayons, books, toys, gamesĀ and Legos. They come in different sizes. Some should be zipped up so the small pieces don’t get out. Some should be left open and easy to get to. I spent some time researching Lego organization tips and stumbled on this site I love the rigged IKEA table and the suspended shelf to keep Lego out of reach for small kids and shelf to display completed sets. I’ll ask Dad if he can build one for Nathan.

Last but not least is my closet. I probably have 4 big boxes of clothes I have never worn. I decided to part with 2 boxes and kept the other two in hopes of one day wearing them. I am addicted to dresses, so 90% of these are evening dresses or sun dresses that I never get a chance to wear in Seattle. After determined cleansing the closet is still full but not bursting. I need to remind myself time and again – I have one of everything. Stop buying more.

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